Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bringing light and life to those who do the same

I’m constantly reminded why I’m here when I see the faces of the children, witness the commitment of the volunteer teachers, experience the beautiful singing, and encounter the genuineness of the people.  An additional “perk” is running into others that come for various reasons to support the Zambians.  The past few days I had such an experience.

Karl Klontz, Shane and Rev. Zimba
About 6 or 7 months ago Dr. Karl Klontz, a physician, contacted Dr Chilenje to ask about installing solar panels in Malawi or Zambia.  It was decided that this would be an excellent opportunity for Chasefu Theological College to have power.  The seminary students are housed in a small hostel with only small individual solar lights.  Dr. Klontz and his recent college graduate friend Shane, spent several days along with Rev. Zimba completing the project. 

The solar panels were installed on the roof the first day. 
The wiring from the panels to the large batteries as well as light fixtures, took a few more days.  Finally the hostel has light and the students have the ability to charge their cell phones and lap tops. 
Mubuchi gets ready to switch on the lights
There is a shortage of Presbyterian ministers here and the college is hoping to continue to grow and train more for ministry.  Projects like this one provide infrastructure to support this growth.

While visiting the hostel and witnessing “light” coming to the students, I was also able to visit the borehole financed by our family and friends; another project that provides infrastructure.  A few years ago our son Evan and daughter-in-law Sarah wanted to do something for Zambia in honor of their dad, Bob.  They had saved a large sum of money that started the project.  At the time of Bob’s mother’s death some friends and family donated funds in her honor.  It was her wish to bring water somewhere in Zambia. After consulting with mission co-worker Nancy about possible places for a borehole, we decided on Chasefu where seminary students are trained.  With the funds from our children, our friends, and the balance from us, the borehole project was purchased.  Chasefu not only trains Presbyterian ministers but is developing a demonstration farm that will generate income for the seminary.  The borehole will also bring water for irrigating the farm.  I was pleased to not only see the seminary students using the borehole but several women and children from the nearby village filling their containers.

Some of the seminary students posing with me.

Boreholes and solar projects can change lives.  Women no longer need to walk several kilometers to and from the stream each day for water.  A borehole can save hours of time and provide healthy water for drinking, cooking, and bathing.  Solar projects allow students to study longer and communicate more effectively through use of computers, cell phones, and other electronics.  Providing more light and life giving water to the seminary students seemed fitting since they bring spiritual light and life to those they serve.
Shane poses with seminary students
Dr. Klontz is thanked
Words of gratitude

If you are interested in donating to either a solar project or borehole let me know.

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