Saturday, May 14, 2016

Graduation Day

Some of the graduates of Justo Mwale University - 2016
Last Saturday I had the privilege of witnessing the graduation ceremony at Justo Mwale University (JMU) in Lusaka.  JMU offers certificate programs in Missions, Stewardship and Sustainability, Children’s Ministry, and Community Mobilization and Development.  They also offer both a Bachelor and Masters of Theology, and Bachelors of Theology with Education.  I was pleased to see the number of women graduating in all the programs. 

Graduate receiving her bicycle
New graduates/pastors who serve in rural parts of the country are given bicycles so they can travel many kilometers to serve their parishioners.  Some of the women are given sewing machines to assist with income generation. The CCAP graduates are also given gifts from the churches where they served as interns.  
One of the sewing machines given to some of the women
CCAP graduate receives a blanket from his church

And like graduations everywhere – families rush to congratulate their graduate!

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