Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Work Begins – May 8 & 9

Luangwa River on the way to Chipata
We left Lusaka, drove 8 hours, and finally arrived in Chipata where we spent the night.  It was a few more hours to Lundazi – our base for the next few weeks – so we visited two schools along the way. 
Kachere School
This was the first day of school for the term and typically students only come to check in and maybe help with some cleaning. Our first stop was Kachere and Mabuchi and I taught all the students who showed up ranging in grades from 1 – 7.  
Mabuchi took the lead on the lesson and the reflective conversation afterward.  The teachers enjoyed observing the strategies she used and commented that they are ready to try using them as well.  
After presenting the teachers with some chalk and erasers (“dusters” as we call them here) we made a couple bricks to contribute to the new teacher houses and we were on our way.

Next stop – Ikwele.  Ikwele has many students. Most of the grade six and sevens were present so we taught our most challenging lesson.  I took the lead and Mabuchi helped with some translation.  The language was a bit of a barrier but the students seemed to absorb most of the content. 
Students eagerly share their answers
The three volunteer teachers and two government teachers were present and expressed their willingness to try one or two strategies modeled in the lesson.
Teachers from Ikwele pose with Mabuchi and me

Our trip continued to Lundazi.  We arrived late in the afternoon and discovered the brakes were not working when we got to town.  Thankfully we were safe the entire way. 

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