Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Game Park May 21 & 22

Mabuchi, me, Charles and Melissa Johnson pose by the river at the game park
The Johnsons are the new Presbyterian (PCUSA) missionaries here in Lundazi.  Mr. Johnson has a background in business and agriculture.  Mrs. Johnson worked in a law firm managing payroll and insurance. The Johnsons have wanted to come to Africa for some time so with their children grown, the time was right.  Charles will be working with the agriculture and development aspect at Chasefu Seminary out here in Eastern Province.  Melissa hasn’t decided her role exactly but she is a woman with many talents who will excel wherever she decides to land. 
View of our cabin at Marula

Wanting to visit the game park and offering to drive us, Mabuchi and I found ourselves back on the road this time with the Johnsons headed for Mfuwe.  We arrived at Marula Lodge in time to get settled in our room and then have dinner. Mabuchi chose the bed by the wall instead of the window when she heard that hippos and elephants sometimes come to graze in the garden outside. 
Crossing into the game park at sunrise
The next morning before sunrise we were in the vehicle with our guide at the game park.  We saw many beautiful birds and animals.  
I was so excited for Mabuchi since many Zambian never get to experience seeing wildlife in their own country.  
We also went on an evening game ride and saw more beautiful animals and scenery.  Although we saw no cats everyone enjoyed the experience. The photos tell the story.
A young male gives us the once over

Cape Buffalo herd
Elephants are my favorite

I'd never seen an elephant do this before

Hanging with the giraffes

One of the many beautiful sunsets

The next morning before getting back on the road for Lundazi, some elephants came to call outside the dining room.  Mabuchi was a bit nervous being this close but we assured her she was safe as long as we were all quiet and still. Again I will let the photos speak.

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