Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kavinaka May 20

The view from the window of the truck cab
The beautiful scenery and people along the way to Kavinaka make up for the long and bumpy ride. 
We arrived to find our teachers and students ready and waiting for us.  I began with Mr. Francis Zimba while Mabuchi modeled for the grade one and two teacher who was unable to observe the model lesson last week. Mabuchi commented to me later that the students did not know how to hold a pencil and had little to no experience with school. Much work is still needed here.
Students are seated in groups with name tags - but no furniture

Mr. Zimba works hard to make sure the girls are included
Mr. Zimba however, impressed me with his instructional strategies and skill.  He taught the entire lesson in English with only a few sentences in Tumbuka for clarification about conductors and insulators.  He engaged every learner and used a variety of strategies including examples from real life.  Mabuchi was able to sit in on the end of the lesson observation. He has one of the highest grade 7 passing rates in the area.
Mr. Zgambo teaches about photosynthesis
We observed grade six teacher, Mr. Zgambo, together.  He had many good pieces in place and with further training, coaching, and practice he can be a fine teacher.
Boys take notes after some discussion
Getting input from the teachers during the debrief
Mabuchi met with the teachers to debrief about the lesson, further training they require, and income generating ideas they have to support the needs of the school.  
Posing with the teachers and PTA chairman

Voter registration continues here in this village too!
We drove back to Lundazi, picking up and dropping off several people along the way.  At one point we had 7 people in the truck and two chickens in the back.  When we arrived in Lundazi we met the Johnsons and drove to the game park for the weekend.   It is Mabuchi's first time to see the animals and visit the park.
I love the contrasts between past and present - ox cart and motorbike

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